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Who are we?

S2K is a modern software development outsourcing company with development center in Ukraine.

Since 2015 we provide software development services using cutting edge technologies and build dedicated teams of exceptional vetted IT specialists for our clients across the world
(USA, Canada, Germany, Austria, Italy, Ireland, UK, Spain, Finland, France, Japan, Russia, Ukraine)

How about timing?

We understand that business landscape is always evolving and our clients have to react quickly to the market changes and adjust their outsourcing needs in time.

In order to help achieving required agility we have a strict time-line:

  • to do initial assessment of the project - within 8 hours
  • to find a specialist - within 8 hours
  • to assemble a team and start working on the project - within 16 hours
  • to extend existing team according to the demands - within 16 hours

No more endless waiting for interviewing a candidate which doesn't meet the expectations after all. We value your time.


We’re a customer focused company that provides technical expertise in the practice areas of:

  • Front-end/Full-Stack Application Development Java, Scala, JavaScript, Python, Ruby
  • Back-end Application Development Java, Scala, JavaScript, Python, Ruby
  • Mobile Application Development Android, iOS
  • System integration ESB, BPM, framework-based integrations
  • Database development using RDBMS Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL/MariaDB, SQL Server, Data warehouses Oracle, PostgreSQL, Big Data Spark, Hadoop and NoSQL solutions
  • QA Automation/Manual testing
  • DevOps/Application maintenance/CI/DI AWS, Azure, Heroku, Google Cloud, OpenShift, Rackspace, Elastic Cloud

We provide a team extension or a dedicated team depending on the customer needs.

Our developers have been through a lot of complex and challenging projects.

We take communication seriously and have developed our own know-how distributed communication approach that gives us ability to be 10 times more effective then an average local or distributed outsourcing team.

You have flexibility and full control over the project just like your in-house team.

Why us?

Flexible engagement models
Staff augmentation & co-development
Transparent billing
Shorted time to market
Non-Disclosure Agreement
No Freelancers
Controlled quality
No proprietary anchors
Result-driven approach
Highly Creative and Motivated Teams
Ability to improvise ongoing changes

Our Tech Stack

react node microsoft.net rails java xamarin microsoft-azure react-native ios-1 se-1 ionic google-cloud go-1 backbone appium-2 angularjs android amazon python php

How do we adapt
to development challenges?

There are many common concerns that businesses face. Here are some of them:
Excess time taken for development
Managing employee leaves and working space
Meeting user expectation
Cost of hiring in-house teams
Deal with continuously changing technologies
Data driven decisions
And we know how to address them accordingly:
Fast response to changes and quick action
Work as an extended team that’s easily replaceable
We follow store specific guidelines for standardization
No hassle of hiring development teams
Hands-on with the latest tech trends like IoT, AR/VR, AI, block-chain
Project change management ability

Industries we serve:

Travel & Tourism
Banking and finance
Logistic & transport
Retail & e-commerce
Media & Entertainment
Social Media & Networking
Education & E-Learning
ISVS & Product companies
Digital & Marketing

Travel & Tourism

  • Flights / buses / hotels / car rental integrations
  • Booking /checking / reservations / ticketing management services
  • Payment gateway

Our Clients